New UGallery Artist: Scott Troxel


Last Leaves

Scott Troxel has always been fascinated with modern art and design. He pursued filmmaking in college, and later went on to have a career in industrial design and product development. Although he was always creating things, he continued to feel the urge to return to painting. 

His work originates from looking at objects or emotions, and breaking them down to their abstract forms. For instance, the bright colors of a fruit salad on a hot day, or the feeling of complexity in one’s life. He blurs the lines between modernism and abstract expressionism, sometimes using hard edged lines to compose his shapes, and other times painting more freely, allowing the process to determine the result. 


Fruit Salad

There is a very different mindset in each approach, one which involves planning and precision, and the other requiring action and instinct. This seems natural. After all, who doesn’t approach different situations with alternating attitudes? 

The inherent tension in the work feels relieved by a perfect sense of balance. Scott stares at each piece for hours, changing things over and over, until he feels it is right.

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