New UGallery Artist: Robyn Kruse

Charlie on the Go (Mini)

Robyn Kruse sees personality in the roosters she admires. They have a spirited attitude that strikes her as bold and full of life.

She brings out the animals’ marvelous variety through her mixed media artwork, which features chickens and roosters set against abstract backgrounds. The full feathers of the birds are captured in loose impressionist brushstrokes, and the designs behind them are delicately composed using acrylic, ink, paper and other collaged materials. The Japanese influence on her style is apparent in the flattened shapes and slightly off center compositions of her work. 

Robyn carefully studies the birds she depicts; referencing photographs, The Encyclopedia of Chickens, and The Poultry Handbook in order capture them accurately. The birds in the paintings seem aware and proud of their shining moment as the subject, strutting their stuff and fluffing their feathers for the viewer.

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