New UGallery Artist: Rebecca King

From New York to Hong Kong, Rebecca King’s work represents the metropolises of the world. Her cityscapes are based on her own experiences as she travels to different countries, documenting what she sees through drawing and photography. 

New Yorker

The giclee prints are constructed using different source material, and then hand detailed and laser cut once printed, making each piece unique. The sense of fantasy and the flat illustrative quality of the work is reminiscent of a Japanese contemporary-pop style. The vibrant colors and complexity of the bustling cityscapes accurately captures how you feel when you first encounter a new place, when everything is different and overwhelming. 

Tsim Sha Tsui

There is an interesting line drawn, in which the worlds she creates are on the cusp of being both a utopia and a dystopia. The neon colors and stimuli of the cities are exciting and mesmerizing, but there is something slightly sinister projected in the busy condensed spaces. There are no humans visible, and in some scenes the city seems to be encroaching upon the undeveloped landscape, creating a tension between civilization and nature. On the other hand, the cities feel ethereal and look to be floating, each one its own untouchable dreamlike universe.

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