New UGallery Artist: Natalie Wright

Natalie Wright creates large-scale wildlife portraits of woodland creatures, such as coyotes, hawks and owls. 

With a Western-influenced contemporary style, Natalie uses bold brushstrokes and neutral colors to capture an anthropomorphic quality in the animals.


There is something human in their expressive eyes, relaxed postures, and the way she composes the portraits to show the bust of the animal. Creating her work at a large scale allows the viewer to confront the animal as you would another human, emphasizing a connection between the animal and the viewer. 


Like encountering an animal alone in the woods, there is a moment of recognition, a knowing exchange between two creatures acknowledging each other’s presence.

The work is playful and quirky, and Natalie often draws inspiration from popular fables involving animals. Natalie explains “I want the work to lend itself to personal meaning and to always remind the owner of the raw, quiet moments, whether those are moments of intense emotion or subtle nuances of our nature.”

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