New UGallery Artist: Miles Hannaford


Miles Hannaford is a young photographer living in Brooklyn. His underwater images capture women submerged and swimming towards the surface. There is a Pre-Raphaelite quality to the work, and a romantic stirring in the movement of the figures. The beautiful women seem trapped below the surface, but calm in their fate, like Ophelia floating down the river. At the same time, they pop with a young, fresh energy. 

Miles works under unique conditions, having to hold his breathe in order to capture every image. He is typically under the water for no more than half a minute before he swims up for air, and then down again. The prospect of capturing a winning shot gives him a rush of adrenaline that keeps him underwater, even when his lungs feel full. 


During the shoots, he works closely with his aunt, the artist Jennifer Hannaford. Jennifer uses the photographs to create large-scale realist paintings, which focus on the beautiful light patterns and reflections created through the water.

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