New UGallery Artist: Megan Dietrich


Wall Carvings (1)

Megan Dietrich shares her studio space with a few other emerging artists and designers in Vancouver. They call it the “Babe Cave”. Her work reflects a young lifestyle, as she draws from everything around her; pop culture, music, late night conversations with friends, and 4 AM walks through the city. 



Likewise, the materials and marks that form her pieces can come from anywhere; scratching, printing, pasting, and even pouring booze onto the canvas. She is a true abstract expressionist, or action painter, building upon movement, music, and space by adding and deducting from the canvas until the piece is complete. What emerges is a fresh, energetic, and textured work, which she describes as the marriage of “the bizarre firings of my brain.”

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The “Babe Cave”