New UGallery Artist: Matthew Dibble

The modern, cubist compositions of Matthew Dibble’s mixed media art can bring you into another world. The work fills your imagination as your eyes follow the interwoven bodies and mythic faces of the convoluted figures. 

Dive Colossus

There is a self-conscious and somewhat sad humor to the art. The figures seem trapped, twisted, and uncomfortable, boxed into the dimensions of the work’s surface. Yet, their simplified graphic expressions, and the absurdity of their configurations are whimsical. Their bodies are strong, reminiscent of ancient Greek depictions of heroes in painting and ceramics.

Optic Wolf

Matthew starts by creating small ink drawings, which then inspire his larger pieces on canvas. The work is surreal, with a real sense of modernism, as well as an abstract expressionist style. It may draw your mind to Picasso or de Kooning, however, Matthew’s art is truly unique, fueled by a renewed sense of discovery and its own genre.

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