New UGallery Artist: Marcelo Argolo


Clowns Presentation, Rio de Janeiro. 

Brazilian photographer Marcelo Argolo began taking pictures in 1991. After taking a few breaks from the medium, he has been shooting with a passion since 2010. He traveled around the world for a year, visiting the US, Europe and Asia, taking pictures in every foreign urban environment he encountered.

He fearlessly aims his lens to expose and reveal the unusual moments and occurrences of everyday life. Wherever he goes, he seems to have a heightened awareness of how quirky the world really is, and is able to capture the brief moments that provide proof of this assertion. His work relies so much on timing, place, and action in order to seek out the moments that most of us will miss. 


His photography speaks to a global connection, relating and comparing the human experience all around the world. Although the images capture the unordinary, looking through them you may get the sense that we are all essentially the same.

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