New UGallery Artist: Judy Barie

Judy Barie’s abstract work is made up of an arrangement of painted birch wood panels bolted together to create one surface. The assorted rectangles are fitted together like a puzzle, resulting in a final geometric composition with negative space along the edges. 

Departure III

Judy creates the arrangements first, and then paints the panels with controlled pouring techniques. Once the painting starts, she often moves around the panels, looking for the right balance of color and form. She hand paints geometric patterns on at least one panel for each piece. The soft patterns highlight the bold color fields of the other panels, and are reminiscent of fabric or quilt making. 


Judy achieves a very smooth, inviting and classical sense of composition. The eye effortlessly moves clockwise or counterclockwise around the picture plane. Each piece is evocative of something different, whether it is a cityscape, the seasons, or the ocean; the work imitates and projects something natural and calm.

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