New UGallery Artist: Jennifer Caviola


Jennifer Caviola’s expressionist paintings depict the female face, reoccurring from piece to piece with a similar severe, tense or stoic expression. The women’s faces and bodies often appear translucent, allowing us to look right through them, but their identities remain unknown. 


Dance with the Octopus 

In the classical style of religious portraiture, and reminiscent of Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits, Jennifer creates a vision of the inner self, a mix of conflict, doubt and moments of enlightenment. The relationship with the self can be the most complicated of all, and Jennifer captures this isolated yet absorbing world with her honest portraits. The work remains whimsical and the figures radiate inner strength. Animals, such as the snake and the octopus, act as protectors or “spirit animals”. 


We All Need Ourselves 

Floating flowers and butterflies adorn the compositions to soften the harsh expressions of the women. We are complicated creatures, but we are also just animals, as much a part of the natural world as any other beast. Jennifer says “my relationship with painting has been the most consistent and trustworthy connection I’ve had throughout my life.” 

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