New UGallery Artist: Janet Howard-Fatta

Bouquet on Blue

It would be hard not to think about Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflowers when looking at Janet Howard-Fatta’s still lifes . Janet’s paintings embody the same sense of life and hope within the freshly gathered flowers, contained in a vase like a gift. 

However, Janet’s pieces are bold and contemporary. The bright warm colors, flat planes of receding space, and interesting angles take from some of her favorite west coast artists, such as Richard Diebenkorn and David Hockney. Janet even paints some of her bouquets beside the pool (a little homage to Hockney), capturing the dance of light on the water in impressionist brushstrokes. 

Bouquet on Yellow

Janet, herself a gardener, clearly falls in love with each bouquet she paints. This appreciation and awe is captured in every painting, each one feeling like the precious, ephemeral height of a romance.

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