New UGallery Artist: Guilherme Botelho


Guilherme Botelho, a Brazilian photographer, began taking pictures at the age of 15 with his mother’s camera. He primarily takes pictures of the streets in Brazil, and other places he travels. He thrives on the challenge of street photography as a subject, where capturing what inspires you is dependent on an environment you cannot control. 

He has worked with analog photography from the beginning, and he does not crop or digitally manipulate his images. For Guilherme, this method defines his work, and he seeks to edit his images as he shoots. Perhaps this explains the strong cinematic quality of the work. It is as if he found the scene, and then patiently waited for the action to occur.


Untitled 005

Framed in a panoramic format, the images communicate a sense of time. There is a story in each shot, and something very enjoyable about contemplating the moments directly before and after Guilherme snapped the shutter.

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