New UGallery Artist: Frida Wannerberger


Frida Wannerberger is a fashion illustrator residing in London, a city that provides her with endless inspiration; both on the streets and at the high-end fashion shows she attends. As a respite from the city, she enjoys the calm, solitary escape of creating her illustrations at home. The contemporary styles and trendy patterns of Frida’s illustrations conspicuously project from the surface of the paper. However, it is the figures, with their languid features that define the distinctive style of her work. 

Like paper dolls, they are flat but expressive. There is a self-conscious manner to their body language, and their faces project something nervous and doubtful. They seem to be looking out to the viewer, asking for an opinion, or perhaps approval of their outfit. It is hard to determine if the clothing defines them, or if the garment is just an interchangeable accessory, a fleeting pretense. 


Through her illustrations, Frida attempts to capture a struggle she observes among the women of her generation, who view being feminine as uncool, but have to navigate through a heritage of femininity and an overexposure to fashion references. What does it mean to look like a woman in a generation where femininity feels outdated?

Check out more of Frida’s work on, and be sure to follow her on Instagram (where she’s quite popular).