New UGallery Artist: David Lavine

David Lavine’s hand cut collages are created by cutting out different imagery and assembling the printed matter into new compositions. He sources the imagery from magazines, maps, comic books, and many other forms of media. 

Landscape I

There is no digital manipulation, scanning, or reprinting done. David keeps a repository of thousands of cut materials to work from. The work has a surreal quality, a pop art sensibility, and a ready-made idea of modification. 

Vreep Vreep Boop Boop (Boop Boop) 

There is a sense of humor and play, but also a tension in the way that the figures collide within a gravity-less space. Historical figures and art history references run into characters from comic books and catalog models. The characters feel as if they lack control of their fate, as they are being torn from one source and arranged into a new world.

 David, as the artist, has an almost omnipotent presence in the work, as the careful creator of the collaged worlds. The small scale of the pieces forces you to examine the art carefully, and search out the narrative. The varying textures and thickness of the papers, some sources may be shiny, matte or transparent, provide a dimensional patchwork quality to the work. 

Hired Help 

David often starts a piece with color in mind, finding materials that work together to achieve a final piece that is aesthetically balanced. The strong compositions and color combinations are a testament to the creator’s patience and the pleasure he takes in the process.

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