New UGallery Artist: Danielle Siegelbaum

Danielle Siegelbaum categorizes her work with her own term, “Primitive Occidental Art.” Her paintings are an amalgamation of imagery from different sources, cultures, and styles, rendered in a primitive childlike fashion. 

The heavy black lines, flat graphic style, and stick figures look like something drawn with a digital paintbrush. This contemporary visual reference is combined with something unorthodox, such the image of a traditional African mask, or images from fashion magazines. 


The colors are primary and bold, providing a Pop Art, Lichtenstein-esque quality to the paintings. There is also an “art brut” or outsider style to the work, and the lack of perspective and overlapping of objects is reminiscent of the French painter Jean Dubuffet. 


Danielle has a background in both textile design and publishing, and it is clear that she draws on both of these commercial mediums for inspiration. Although the work is about combining disparate ideas and imagery, there is a strong sense of unity and a stylistic tie that flows through her art. 

As Danielle describes it, “my work is about being very direct, fluid, spontaneous, and unapologetically emotional.”

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