New UGallery Artist: Cayen Robertson

Cayen Robertson’s beautiful, small scale paintings are on Japanese paper. She works intuitively, developing the compositions as she places each mark, which leads her into the next shape. 


Coolist City 

She paints on both sides of the paper, and the final piece is determined only when the work is dry and folded. This process creates a sense of mystery, since you may wonder what is hidden behind the folds. Although the final piece is in some ways accidental, the transitions from panel to panel feel natural. 


Voyage to the Moon 

Her work has a clear Asian influence, imitating Japanese origami, and also incorporating delicate black ink marks that accentuate the designs. The panel folds are also reminiscent of Japanese screens, and feel as if they are chronicling time, such as transitions between seasons or times of day. Cayen loves spending time in her garden, and the pieces have a natural influence. The work is playful and light, but the action of folding creates a sense of permanence, something that cannot be undone.

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