New UGallery Artist: Branka Grubic

Don’t Fade Away

Branka Grubic, a self-taught artist from Croatia, didn’t begin pursuing painting as a career until her early thirties. She started out painting Pop Art style portraits of icons and celebrities, such as Mick Jagger and Bob Marley, and then turned to focus on anonymous portraits of woman. 

When her painting won 1st place in an online competition focused on women artists, Branka was pleasantly surprised by the flood of interest she received in her work. She realized she had found her signature style, and people all over the world related to the work. Through the expressive faces of her portraits, Branka projects her own emotions, regrets and desires. 

Waiting on a Sunny Day

A mix of pop art, expressionism and fashion, the women are beautiful and strong, and they look out at the viewer with an astute gaze. They have been through something dramatic and exciting, and have come out on the other end changed for the better.

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