New Artist Spotlights!

Great news! As of last week, we have six new artists on the site.  Here is a brief quote they gave about their work, in addition to a selection from each: 

Julia Cahill:  

“A lot of my paintings make reference to the issues of sexual exploitation in media that I address in my video and performance work. I like to juxtapose the serious nature of social issues with humor, making difficult topics more approachable. This humor often lends to a comical and bizarre quality.”

Juicy Watermelon by Julia Cahill

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Michael Busch:

“I specialize in seascapes, landscapes, and long exposures. I gravitate to the bays, beaches, and waterways around Long Island but also love to travel.”

Sailboat during Sandy by Michael Busch

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Scott Smith:

“I have painted almost all of my life, beginning when I was just in elementary school. I am interested in expanding airbrush into acceptance presently enjoyed by other media, such as oil and pastel, which are more familiar in the fine art arena. I work in realism and I am particularly known for my depiction of flowers.”

Passion by Scott R. Smith

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Shanon Playford:

“I would describe my work as poetic realism. My paintings are project, or series oriented – meaning, I pick a subject or theme for a set of works and complete the series within a set of self-imposed boundaries. My work is executed primarily in oil (though I sometimes employ other types of 2D media such as collage, watercolor, and pen for sketching, experimentation and smaller works).”

Aeternitas by Shanon Playford

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Dominic Rouse:

“Work which displays most accurately the deepest recesses of the human soul will, by default, display some rather unpleasant aspects of it. It is not the duty of Art to be acceptable to polite society and wherever he goes, the artist will find himself a stranger because he is the only legitimate citizen of the world which he inhabits. His lone, dissenting voice is society’s surest line of defense against its greatest enemy which is, of course, itself. “

Masai Cool by Dominic Rouse

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Sarah Watts: 

“For me, painting is an experience of exquisite freedom during which color-streams of light, shade and movement of forms and spaces invade the consciousness. Realism is not my goal, rather I strive for being in the moment and facing the challenge of painting based on spatial relationships. This means that elements in the landscape must be reduced to simple color planes keyed together on the surface. “

The Fault Line by Sarah Watts

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