New Artist Spotlight: Victoria Bearden, Phil Couture, Holly Friesen and Casey Rodgers

Every week, UGallery releases new art from our current artists and welcomes new artists to the community. We love seeing what each new week will bring. Say “Hello” to Victoria Bearden, Phil Couture, Holly Friesen and Casey Rodgers. These are UGallery’s newest artists! Read on below to learn a little bit more about their work.

Victoria Bearden. Oceanside, California.


Aquarian Angel, oil painting on stretched canvas, 24" h x 18" w x 1" d

Victoria Bearden uses dreams and memories as inspiration for her paintings. Victoria is attune to her emotional and physical environment and hopes to translate this understanding to the canvas. Victoria says, “I seek to connect with my audience on an intuitive level, but also in an emotional and visceral way.”

Phil Couture. Leesburg, Florida.

Phil Couture was born in Quebec, Canada and moved to Florida at a young age. In the sunshine state, Phil developed the painting skills of the Old Masters, Impressionists, and greats of the past. A primary source of his inspiration comes from his travels to places near and far, both familiar and exotic.

Holly Friesen. Montreal, Quebec.

Holly Friesen captures a region in all its beauty. With vivid exchanges of color and composition, Holly delves into territories not often explored. Each of her brushstrokes become an intuitive moment that echoes her emotional response to the environment and the natural world. Holly says, “painting is like deep prayer awakening a reverence for the earth’s inner landscape.”

Casey Rodgers. West Hollywood, California.

Casey Rodgers’s photographs are made for the big screen. Each photo has an element of suspense and drama that makes it motion picture-worthy. Casey does have a degree in cinema, after all. His leg series was a personal project of his to explore the “what” rather than the “who” that turned into a full-fledged fashion editorial.

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