New Artist Spotlight: Terrece Beesley, Coco Berkman, Marc Krutiak, Nina Viakhireva and Maria Yakovleva

It’s Thursday. That means one thing in UGallery land: new artists! Every Thursday, we welcome a batch of new artists and artwork to UGallery. This blog series highlights them.

Send a nice, little “Hello” to Terrece Beesley, Coco Berkman, Marc Krutiak, Nina Viakhireva and Maria Yakovleva (there’s a bunch this week). Below is a little bit about their work. If you like what you see, let them know by leaving a comment on their profile pages and welcoming them to UGallery! I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Terrece Beesley. Layton, Utah.

Terrece Beesley offers new perspectives on ordinary scenes with her effervescent watercolors. Her tendency to mix colors directly on the paper gives her paintings an ethereal quality that transcends realism. The more crowded and energetic the scene, the more rhythm Terrece can achieve. Terrece attained her BA in Painting and Textile Design from Utah State University.

Coco Berkman. Gloucester, Massachusetts

A daily doodle is the cornerstone to Coco Berkman’s spontaneous relief prints. By maintaing a strict sketching routine, Coco sharpens her printmaking skills. As Coco says, “Doodling activates a stream of consciousness from which rich ideas are sprouted.” With unwavering diligence, Coco turns the labor intensive printmaking process into something creative and intensely rewarding.

Marc Krutiak. Carlsbad, California

In his heart of hearts, Marc Krutiak is an environmentalist. His deep emotional connection with the ocean guides his work into modern and eco-conscious practices. In a natural act of defiance, Marc transitioned from working with traditional darkroom techniques (harsh chemicals and wasted water) to digital darkroom practices. His photographs have the power to rejuvenate the spirit and instill inner peace in the viewer.

Nina Viakhireva. Oakland, California

Nina Viakhireva gets up close and personal (with skin cells that is). Her abstractions stem from a place of science. While working in a lab studying human tissue samples, Nina gained an appreciation for the minutia of modern life. With complex layers of color and texture, Nina’s paintings give the observer a bird’s-eye view of human life that proves to be a much more colorful vantage point than from behind a microscope.

Maria Yakovleva. San Francisco, California

Motion and emotion are the key players in Maria Yakovleva’s art. Maria plays with warm and cool colors to express a full spectrum of emotion. She masters abstraction to deliver the illusion of movement. Together, Maria’s depiction of feelings and dynamism create a windswept quality that is at once timeless and modern.