New Artist Spotlight: Steven Guy Bilodeau and Kajal Zaveri

Wait. It’s Thursday! You know what that means: New Artist Spotlight. Every Thursday, we welcome a batch of new artists and artwork to UGallery. This blog series highlights our newest artists.

Send a little “Hello” to Steven Guy Bilodeau and Kajal Zaveri. Below is a little bit about their work. If you like what you see, let them know by leaving a comment on their profile pages and welcoming them to UGallery! I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Steven Guy Bilodeau. Kelseyville, California

In true en plein air fashion, Steven Guy Bilodeau’s works entirely outdoors. He doesn’t bring his work back to a studio. He doesn’t finish in multiple sittings. His work is created in one moment and in one location. This allows him to respond emotionally to the environment, his subject of choice. The West Coast’s modern Maynard Dixon, Steven says, “If I do not have an emotional reaction to a scene then how can I expect a viewer to have an emotional reaction to what I have painted?”

Kajal Zaveri. Fremont, California

Every now and then an artist speaks so passionately about their work that there’s no need to explain it further. Kajal Zaveri says, “My artwork resonates with celebration and joy. The amalgamation of my carefree, happy childhood in my native country of India, my various international travels, and my life now in beautiful California with my husband and son have exposed me to bounty, beauty and blessings, which inspire me to dream big and bold.”