New Artist Spotlight: Shari Cerney, Peter Diggs, Rick Heck, Darren Thompson and Beata Wehr

Every week, UGallery releases new art (which means we welcome new artists). We love seeing what each new week will bring. This week shows that it doesn’t take a degree in fine art to make, well, fine art. Say “Hello” to Shari Cerney, Peter Diggs, Rick Heck, Darren Thompson and Beata Wehr. These are UGallery’s newest artists! Read on below to learn a little bit more about their work.

Shari Cerney. West Covina, California.

Passion is defined by a strength of emotion and Shari Cerney has an infinite supply of it. Shari’s power comes from her fearless approach to painting. What was once her hobby became her refuge. For Shari, emotions are the key to unlocking the human spirit. She is unafraid to capture figures in their fragility as well as their strength. She says, “Beauty sometimes comes in unexpected ways; sometimes in loneliness or pain.”

Peter Diggs. San Francisco, California.

Peter Diggs adds a little humor into the everyday with his entertaining photographs. He looks for art in the unexpected corners of urban environments to entertain and surprise not only himself, but his viewers. Peter says, “I am inspired by man’s unwitting designs, juxtapositions and contrasts.”

Rick Heck. Gilbert, Arizona.

For Rick Heck, painting is a personal endeavor which he hopes will inspire his viewers to find their own inner harmony. He started his foray into artistic expression playing the piano and the organ. He brings his musical background off the stage and onto the canvas by imbuing his abstract splashes of color and shapes with a musical quality. His strokes look as though he used a paintbrush to conduct a feverish sonata. He compares his paintings to a jazzy interlude filled with improvisation and exuberance.

Darren Thompson. Chicago, Illinois.

Can you feel that? Sometimes the tension between people goes unnoticed, but not by Darren Thompson. Darren says, “tension is the dominating subject” of his art. Darren’s 15 years as an editorial illustrator for media giants like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal helped him hone his skill for captivating an audience and noticing the subtle anxieties and joys of social interaction. His fluid painting style captures humans when they are the most vulnerable and the most beautiful.

Beata Wehr. Tucson, Arizona.

Beata Wehr travels between her native Warsaw and her adopted Tucson. The regular change of climate, color, and culture influences her intuitive paintings. By responding to her emotions and her environment, Beata is able to paint a picture of global acceptance and life in all its layers.

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