New Artist Spotlight: Sandi Anton, Michael Bykovski, Sharon France, Allan P Friedlander, and Dennis Perrin

We are still reeling from our show last night! Events like insert ___ here remind us why we do what we do. Seeing artists sharing their passion and their art with collectors and fans makes it all worth it.

There’s no better way to ring in new artists than with the adrenaline pumping from an art show. UGallery, as always, is proud to welcome a batch of new artists this week. Give a big UGallery welcome to Sandi Anton, Michael Bykovski, Sharon France, Allan P Friedlander, and Dennis Perrin.

Sandi Anton. Brevard, North Carolina.

Having lived in the French Quarter for more than ten years, Sandi Anton understands the wonky wonders teeming from New Orleans. She takes her knowledge of the carnival beyond a celebratory purple, green, and gold to craft soulful renditions of architectural gems. Sandi uses the entire color spectrum to imbue her paintings with energy and vitality. As Sandi says, “Everyone deserves some color in their life!”

Michael Bykovski. Providence, Rhode Island

Michael Bykovski is a modern day explorer. He drips and sprays the unconventional mediums of rustoleum and acetone on canvas in order to uncover the full potential of texture. Although abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, and De Kooning inspire him, Michael is driven by sensory excitement rather than emotional expression. His desire to achieve an ultimate outward beauty and inspiring aesthetics contributes to the primal and seductive quality of his work.

Sharon France. Malta, Illinois

The heartland. That’s Sharon France’s inspiration. By painting isolated rural landscapes, Sharon taps into the peace and quiet within her own heart. Memories of the Midwest serve to enhance her landscapes with endearing honesty. She cultivates a distinct style rooted in realism by harvesting certain attributes from tonalism and minimalism.

Allan P Friedlander. San Francisco, California

For Allan P Freidlander, beauty can be found simply by stepping outside. Raised in Southern Georgia and with a background in photography, Allan takes his appreciation for light, composition, and nature from his camera to the canvas. After making a decisive move to strictly paint, Allan has been mimicking the landscapes that inspire him. He even delves into the abstract with a love for flowers and landscapes forever implanted in his mind.

Dennis Perrin. York, Maine

There’s a new painter of light in town and his name is Dennis Perrin. Dennis never settles for painting from photography. His subject must be real in front of him. No wonder his are so realistic. Culling inspiration from American greats like John Singer Sargeant, Edmund Tarbell, and Frank Benson, Dennis performs the act of painting beautifully.