New Artist Spotlight: Robert Hofherr, Doug Lawler, Meredith O'Neal, Cheryl Powell, Danila Rumold, and Yelena Sidorova

Say “Hello” to Robert Hofherr, Doug Lawler, Meredith O'Neal, Cheryl Powell, Danila Rumold, and Yelena Sidorova. These are UGallery’s newest artists! Below is a little bit about their work. If you like what you see, let them know by leaving a comment on their profile pages. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Robert Hofherr. Belcamp, Maryland

Start with a real place. Add a splash of color here, bold texture there and you have yourself a Robert Hofherr painting. Robert’s skill in captivating an audience’s attention came from his experience as a graphic designer and an advertising professional. He took his knowledge of eye-catching color from the office to the canvas. Using real areas for the foundation of his abstracted scenes, Robert creates a place at the borderline of impressionism and expressionism.

Doug Lawler. Oakland, California

Doug Lawler’s paintings are described as “full of pathos, without becoming caricatures.” His skill with portraiture is a testament to his worldly travels. His style, while intricate, hinges on the primitive nature of native art. He highlights the complexities of individuality with haunting takes on culture.

Meredith O'Neal. Houston, Texas

Marcel Proust said, “Only through art can we emerge from ourselves and know what another person sees.” Meredith O'Neal’s art allows the viewer to experience life through her eyes. Meredith says, “There is a certain sadness that always accompanies memory.” With a nod to her past, Meredith creates nostalgic paintings that remind us all where we come from and where we are going. With color, blur, and a certain quality of detachment, Meredith fabricates art that idealizes the past.

Cheryl Powell. Kernersville, North Carolina

Cheryl Powell is drawn to people; how they interact with each other and their environment. Her work is representational and takes an impressionistic approach to the environment and the figure. By shifting from light to dark, Cheryl conveys a mood and plays with the conventional techniques of realism. Cheryl works en plain air as well as in her studio.

Danila Rumold. San Francisco, California

Agnes Creek II

Descending into the dark and murky realm of the subconscious, Danila Rumold enters a subterranean world to create her art. Danila looks to break away from Romanticism by painting with introspection and curiosity. The result is a viscous and formless landscape filled with emotions and dripping with power.

Yelena Sidorova. Aurora, Colorado

Silk is the fabric of the soul. On it, Yelena Sidorova pours paint in colorful sheets that shimmer and glisten with emotion. The process of painting on silk requires a delicate approach. Yelena has the gentleness required to weave mysteriously provocative paintings. She says, “I transform the world around me: every drop of dye on silk is one drop of magic into my existence.”