New Artist Spotlight: Peter Zambas

Every Thursday, we welcome a batch of new artists and artwork to UGallery. This series of blog posts highlights each week’s new artists. 
Our new artist this week is Peter Zambas. Read on below to learn more about him. Leave a nice comment on his profile page to welcome him to UGallery!

Peter Zambas. McKinleyville, California

Peter Zambas uses his paintings to show the world what he sees when he looks at a landscape, a piece of fruit, or a nude. His knowledge of art stems from his studies as an industrial design major. His love for oil painting comes from an apprenticeship he attended after surviving a bout of cancer. As an art teacher, he teaches the joys of “seeing.” As a painter, he teaches the joys of living. He says, “I paint because it feels good.” There’s no better reason than that.

His passion for painting is evident in beautiful paintings. Check out his video below to hear him discuss the joys of art: