New Artist Spotlight: Patty Forte, John Huerta Jr., Mikhail Palinchak, Francesca Saveri, Stanislav Sidorov, Briana Taylor, Brent Walker, and Allen Wittert

This might be a UGallery record. We’ve got eight new artists for you to meet, so let’s keep it short!

Say “Hello” to Patty Forte, John Huerta Jr., Mikhail Palinchak, Francesca Saveri, Stanislav Sidorov, Briana Taylor, Brent Walker, and Allen Wittert. Phew! Now that’s a lot of artists. And they are all so talented. Below is a little bit about their work. If you like what you see, let them know by leaving a comment on their profile pages. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Patty Forte. Brier, Washington.

Patty Forte enjoys the simple things in life: food, fashion, friends (and art, of course). Patty imbues her paintings with a little bit of attitude to dress up everyday pleasures into something extraordinary. Her dream of becoming a fashion illustrator has inspired her to weave together a portfolio of memorable paintings. Patty succeeds in creating pieces that are full of spunk and charisma.

John Huerta Jr. Ogden, Utah.

The great outdoors make for great paintings. John Huerta Jr. finds inspiration in the breathtaking views of Mother Earth. John measures the great variance in nature by mimicking light and color. He says, “I find it rewarding to reveal beauty in unexpected places, the pattern of summer grass in a field, a brush covered hillside, the subtle variations of color on the surface of a moss covered pond.”

Mikhail Palinchak. Kiev, Ukraine.

Mikhail Palinchak a Ukrainian photographer based in Kiev. His work is firmly cemented in the gritty and beautiful aspects of metropolitan life. His photographs bring abstract forms from the streets and sidewalks to life. His photographs range from black and white images to bold and bright colors. When his photograph is void of color, Mikhail adds emotion. When his photograph is void of emotion, Mikhail adds color.

Francesca Saveri. Berkeley, California

Francesca Saveri returns to the age-old painting technique known as encaustic, a process that uses heated beeswax as a means of color. By using ancient materials, Francesca reignites a painting process rooted in the emotionality of art. She is an intuitive painter and creates abstractions reflective of her environment.

Stanislav Sidorov. Aurora, Colorado

Stanislav Sidorov saturates his canvas with the expressive color characteristic of the Russian Realist School. While he is a versatile painter, Stanislav prefers the small town charms found in architecture and urban environments. He achieves a textured feel by using the pallet knife to apply copious amounts of emotion.

Briana Taylor. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Briana Taylor abstracts living forms with blocks of complementary colors and thick lines. Her highly stylized flowers are reminiscent of the Arts & Crafts movement that sprung forth from the organic Art Deco artists, architects, and painters. Her background in graphic design gives her paintings a level of simplicity that balances her spontaneity.

Brent Walker. Newnan, Georgia.

Brent Walker is faithful to his camera. Even though his childhood was rooted in the religious doctrines of Catholicism, Brent was met with many challenges in his adult life. After battling inner and outer demons, Brent Walker reinvented his art with a fiery will. He spends his days creating spiritual and sexual photography to tell the story of his vindication.

Allen Wittert. Fairfield, Connecticut.

Allen Wittert blends cubist forms with a Bauhaus aesthetic to deconstruct and abstract beautiful forms. Whether depicting a vase full of flowers or ladies donning simple dresses, Allen works to transform the already beautiful into timeless icons. Allen crafted his sense for simplicity while growing up in South Africa.