New Artist Spotlight: Pamela Gatens, Menno van der Meulen, Sarah Parsons, Brandy Saturley, and Natalia Vetrova

Every week, UGallery releases a batch of new art (as well as new artists). We love seeing what each new week will bring.

Say “Hello” to Pamela Gatens, Menno van der Meulen, Sarah Parsons, Brandy Saturley, and Natalia Vetrova. These are UGallery’s newest artists! Below is a little bit about their work. If you like what you see, let them know by leaving a comment on their profile pages. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Pamela Gatens. Hillsboro, West Virginia

Pamela Gatens loves to paint, so she does it whenever she can. After we spoke with her on the phone, Pamela ended the conversation with an exuberant, “I think I’m going to paint now!” Pamela proves that a daily art practice will produce expertly-crafted paintings. She shares her fascination with color by painting flowers, cats, and abstracts.

Menno van der Meulen. Arnhem, Netherlands

Heavy in composition and texture, Menno van der Meulen’s analogue and digital photography merges the darker side of traditional portraiture with his modern mentality. Inspired by the work of Anton Corbijn and Sally Mann, Menno channels a ethos of deeply moving art.

Sarah Parsons. Nashville, Tennessee

Sara Parsons conjures a dream world with her dry brush and palette knife techniques. She begins a painting by choosing its colors. Then, whether standing in her local church surrounded by music or in the solitude of her own studio, Sara will let her environment dictate her next stroke. She blurs lines brilliantly for a heavenly finishing touch.

Brandy Saturley. Victoria, British Columbia

Brandy Saturley’s pop creations are surreal looks into the mind of an artist. Her canvases explode with quirky power from her juxtapositions of deers with a fur scarves, skulls with flowers, and modern human figures in legendary and mythical setting. Her art touches the archetypal lobe in the brain of viewers for an overall seductive portfolio.

Natalia Vetrova. Vancouver, Canada

Culling inspiration from her wintry homeland of Russia, Natalia Vetrova drifts through traditional symbols and western colors for a truly global approach to art. No matter how far north Natalia travels, she welds together the formality of the east with the sturdiness of the west.