New Artist Spotlight: Pamela Blaies and Anyes Galleani

Every week, UGallery releases new art from our current artists and welcomes new artists to the community. We love seeing what each new week will bring. Say “Hello” to Pamela Blaies and Anyes Galleani. These are UGallery’s newest artists! Read on below to learn a little bit more about their work.

Pamela Blaies. Colleyville, Texas.

Pamela Blaies knows the ins-and-outs of classical painting. She paints alla prima, or while the paint is still wet, to add depth and authenticity to her glowing still-life compositions. By limiting herself to more traditional means, Pamela experiments with layering the classic flower vase or bowl of fruit with subtle hints of contemporary energy and intensity.

Anyes Galleani. Los Angeles, California.

Anyes Galleani started her art career shooting fashion photography. She moved from the camera to the canvas through photo montages in order to create more organic and original works. Her fashion sense adds to the depth of her city scenes because in fashion, as in art, an understanding of how we use the cities we live in is crucial in making memorable and lasting styles.

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