New Artist Spotlight: Nanci Erskine, Yujiro Ito, Jacob Kendall, and Shilo Ratner

Every week, UGallery releases a batch of new art (and new artists). We love seeing what each new week will bring.

Say “Hello” to Nanci Erskine, Yujiro Ito, Jacob Kendall, and Shilo Ratner. These are UGallery’s newest artists! Below is a little bit about their work.

Nanci Erskine. Fort Collins, Colorado.

Nanci Erskine explores dichotomy in art. She is attracted to layers of opposing forces, the ebb and flow of impulse, the push and pull of “beauty and menace” and the difference between delicate details and density. She weaves intricate compositions that transcend the decorative and tap into a deeper part of art appreciation.

Yujiro Ito. Atlanta, Georgia.

Confident brushstrokes and powerful texture merge on Yujiro Ito’s canvases for art that exudes a host of emotions ranging from pleasure to distress. Although his contemporary work uses a muted palette, his composition packs a powerful punch.  Yujiro wants to “inspire people to live closer to their intangible consciousness.”

Jacob Kendall. Indianapolis, Indiana.

Jacob Kendall gets the UGallery green light for his street-savvy abstractions. By blurring symbols from our cultural landscapes, Jacob captures the essence of the road. Shifting from traditional materials, Jacob mixes glass microscopic beads found in the pavement with paint. Jacob is proof that art can not only imitate life, but direct it.

Shilo Ratner. Pacifica, California.

Shilo Ratner delves beyond the anatomical to study the psychological depth of a person. By focusing on the emotional state of her subjects, Shilo intensifies a mere mannerism into a pose replete with human sensitivity. Her playful use of light and shadow and her economy of color articulates a tension in the painting.

If you like what you saw today, let the artists know by leaving a comment on their UGallery profile page. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.