New Artist Spotlight: Linnea Heide and Elena Zolotnitsky

Every Thursday, we welcome a batch of new artists and artwork to UGallery. This series of blog posts highlights each week’s new artists. 
Our new artists this week are Linnea Heide and Elena Zolotnitsky. Read on below to learn more about them. Leave a nice comment on their profile page to welcome them to UGallery!

Linnea Heide. Norfolk, Virginia

In chemistry, elements are the building blocks of matter. In art, feelings and emotions are the foundation. Linnea Heide’s abstract art is as essential as the elements that surround us. Fragments of color come together to form beautiful and harmonious pieces. Following in the footsteps of minimalist mavens like Mies van der Rohe, Linnea offers simplified compounds of modernism that are necessary to quell the complexity of the technology age.

Elena Zolotnitsky. Oakland, California

As Elena Zolotnitsky explores all aspects of beauty, her art becomes more emotional and raw. Even though Elena’s still life and figurative works come from within, her art is anchored in the physical realm. Elena uses copious amounts of oil paint and gold leaf to achieve a flatness similar to the contemporary artist Zhang Xiaogang. Unlike Xiaogang's  pop portraiture, Elena’s paintings are rooted in the traditions of Flemish and Balthus art.