New Artist Spotlight: Linda Coppens


Turning Point n°1, Linda Coppens

Linda Coppens draws upon her training as a psychologist to create dynamic abstract paintings. Inspired by the complexities of the human being, Linda’s work explores the influence of past experiences on current experiences. Her intuitive approach allows the painting to evolve throughout the working process, leaving room for changes and surprises. Linda resides in Brussels, Belgium.


Lost & Found n°4, Linda Coppens

Linda says:

At the academy, I had a very good mentor, she motivated me to take risks when painting. Through advanced workshops and studying/reading about other artists, I learned that one should not wait for “inspiration” but just paint and keep painting. I do have periods when everything I put on the canvas seems to fail, but even then, I keep working. In the worst case, I put a layer of white gesso over the canvas and start over.

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