New Artist Spotlight: Faustine Badrichani, Joanie Springer, Debra Jacobson and Venus Winston

Every week, UGallery releases a batch of new art (and new artists). We love seeing what each new week will bring. This week is particularly delicious (with a food painter and sweet styles). Say “Hello” to Faustine Badrichani, Joanie Springer, Debra Jacobson and Venus Winston. These are UGallery’s newest artists! Below is a little bit about their work.

Faustine Badrichani. New York, New York.

Art is Faustine Badrichani’s anchor. No matter where she calls home, Faustine looks to art for comfort. She has lived in 15 different places and all have provided her with new material. By responding to new environments and constant change, Faustine has found shelter in her painted silhouettes and complex urban landscapes.

Joanie Springer. Santa Rosa, California.

Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Joanie Springer embodies this philosophy with her quirky painting style. She has a knack for capturing the individual in whimsical and mystical portraits. When painting a face, she searches for the soul in her subject’s eyes. She says, “The eyes are where the soul peeks out and touches, pierces, teases and taunts.”

Debra Jacobson. Palm Springs, California.

Debra Jacobson began creating ceramics with a belief that art should be functional in a space. She then began to paint floor cloths for the same purpose. When collectors began hanging Debra’s cloths on the wall rather than the floor, she approached canvases to be her artistic platforms. She hasn’t walked away since. Still, Debra’s philosophy remains the same. She says, “I love the idea of functional art where the beauty of the painted pieces becomes part everyday life.”

Venus Winston. Hyattsville, Maryland.

Food and art have a lot in common. Venus Winston gets her fill of both. By combining an appreciation for decadence with full-bodied talent, Venus extracts the colors and flavors of her favorite foods. What started as a simple texture assignment in high school turned into an unquenchable thirst to capture food in all its glory. After obtaining a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design, Venus developed the precision required to satiate her hunger for long-lasting eye-candy.

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