New Artist Spotlight: Elena Baker, Nan Davis, Kelly Eddington, Simon Lee, Philip McKay, and Naoko Tadotsu

Every week, UGallery releases a batch of new art (as well as new artists). We love seeing what each new week will bring.

Say “Hello” to Elena Baker, Nan Davis, Kelly Eddington, Simon Lee, Philip McKay, and Naoko Tadotsu. These are UGallery’s newest artists! Below is a little bit about their work. If you like what you see, let them know by leaving a comment on their profile pages. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Elena Baker. Whitby, Canada

Elena Baker’s art is created with a tidal force of energy. She started out believing art was about discovery. Painting would flood her with a sense of adventure. As time passed, however, Elena began to look at art, not as a wave she couldn’t control, but as a powerful medium she could wield. Rather than an act of discovery, Elena learned that her art came from a place of knowing.

Nan Davis. Asheville, North Carolina

When something sparks Nan Davis’s imagination, she takes to the canvas to smear paint with brushes, palette knives, fingers or whatever will help her to express a new found inspiration. Nan says, with art “I’m being lead down a path. My challenge is not to lead – but to follow.”

Kelly Eddington. Saint Joseph, Illinois

Drip, drip, drop little art showers. That’s what Kelly Eddington makes when she mixes pigments with water. Kelly paints with hand-made watercolors from Holland to create rich and fluid renditions of everyday scenes. She floods her art with a fresh approach that will quench the most parched parlors. 

Simon Lee. Ipswich, United Kingdom

Simon Lee shoots in black and white in order to highlight the contrast in life. His juxtapositions reinforce the iconic messages he is conveying. He composes metaphorical photos that are contemporary in context while universal at its roots.

Philip McKay. Liverpool, United Kingdom

Digital art and photography is not often selected for UGallery’s collection. Philip McKay’s photographs are different. They get the UGallery stamp of approval because they are so realistic that you wonder if Philip’s subject is actually sitting on a boat at sea or at the bottom of a moon. With Philip McKay’s digital photography, the surreal comes the closest to reality it has ever been before.

Naoko Tadotsu. New York, New York

Naoko Tadotsu’s art is about three things: nature, color, and light. Naoko captures all these elements in perfect unison, a feat that takes years to master. In blurs of primary colors, Naoko is able to find the essence of life on the canvas.