New Artist Spotlight: Derek Alvarez, Sheila Finch, Afonso Salcedo, and Rebecca Salcedo

Happy November! Need a fresh start after all the October festivities? Kick back and meet the new artists of UGallery. Every Thursday, UGallery welcomes a batch of new artists and artwork to the site. This blog series highlights them.

Send a “Hello” to Derek Alvarez, Sheila Finch, Afonso Salcedo, and Rebecca Salcedo. Below is a little bit about their work. If you like what you see, let them know by leaving a comment on their profile pages. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Derek Alvarez. Cortez, Colorado.

Derek Alvarez isn’t trying to take you to a recognizable space with his landscape, he’s inventing an entirely new place. Derek is interested in what visual information viewers need to “see” a canvas as a landscape. He uses his computer to blend memories and images from the “information super highway” into his interpretation of nature.
Sheila Finch. Redwood City, California

Living and painting from her boat, Sheila Finch gathers scenes from the sea to build a repertoire of visually stunning images. Her skyscapes show the acumen of a painter who knows water. Her art floats between the ethereal realm of abstraction and the concrete texture of realism. Featured multiple times by Gold River Scene Magazine and recognized by the National Arts Appreciation Program and L'Espace Bateau Lavoir in Paris, Sheila’s accolades could fill an entire ocean.

Afonso Salcedo. San Francisco, California.

Afonso Salcedo is an exquisite director of light. From working on several Pixar blockbusters to snapping photos from his travels, Afonso has developed an incredible ability to use photography to tell vivid stories. Afonso’s passion for cinematography and filmmaking pairs nicely with his technical knowledge, allowing him to create memorable images that weave timeless, emotional tales.
Rebecca Salcedo. Acworth, Georgia.

Rebecca Salcedo trumps most when it comes to depicting subjects in 3-D. Rebecca is comfortable using realistic imagery to create illusions of dimension after her training with Michel Nadai of the Premier Craftsman of France. Her expertise with trompe l'oeil, an art technique that uses realism to create optical distortions, allows her to establish her on distinctive style.