New Artist Spotlight: Debbie Angell, Claudia Davis, Karin Johanneson, Ziling Wang and Ying Zheng

UGallery releases new art and welcomes new artists to our community every week. We love seeing what each new week will bring. This week’s newest artist are Debbie Angell, Claudia Davis, Karin Johanneson, Ziling Wang and Ying Zheng! Read on below to learn a little bit more about her work.

Debbie Angell. Battle Creek, Michigan.


Neon Fresco II
Debbie Angell began her artistic career as a graphic artist living and working in a host of places from Germany to the Pacific Northwest. Debbie culls inspiration from her travels as well as the cultural institutions she frequents. Debbie currently resides in Western Michigan with her 16-year-old dog loyally by her side.

Claudia Davis. Granbury, Texas.


Sailing on Flat Head Lake

Claudia Davis is passionate about Montana’s landscapes. With oils in hand, Claudia paints en plain air to capture the true essence of the environment. She is inspired by Katherine Stats and Jill Carver.

Karin Johanneson. Waterloo, Ontario.



Karin Johanneson is a self-taught artist from Ontario who specializes in contemporary watercolor paintings. Karin enjoys expanding the conventions of this traditional medium with her use of vibrant colors and spontaneous brushstrokes. While she enjoys to paint flowers most, she is expanding her art to encompass the alluring portrait.

Ziling Wang. London, United Kingdom.


Ziling Wang completed her MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) and had great success in the art and design world. She participated in Alexander McQueen’s 2011 global retail collection. She says, “My watercolor drawings give the traditional Chinese watercolor paintings a contemporary edge by adding a textile and flat graphical element to the feathers and branches. It also incorporates subtle color changes which provides a more artistic, rather than realistic, interpretation.”

Ying Zheng. Bellingham, Washington


Lotus Pond No. 1

Ying Zheng is inspired by poetry and prose and references the beauty of the written word  in her powerful abstract paintings. She organizes color and shape to create a melody and rhythm similar to music. Her play with harmonic colors and literary thoughts results in stunning paintings.

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