New Artist Spotlight: Deanna Fainelli

Every week, UGallery releases new art and welcomes new artists to the community. We love seeing what each new week will bring. Say “Hello” to Deanna Fainelli. She is UGallery’s newest artist! Read on below to learn a little bit more about her work.

Deanna Fainelli. San Rafael, California.

While photographs of her travels are the bedrock of Deanna Fainelli’s art, it’s her use of bold imagery that truly cements her artistic style within the urban realm. By layering metropolis-centric symbols one on top of the other, like graffiti on signs, Deanna establishes an edgy feel that is at once familiar and unique. Deanna Fainelli says, “Drawing on my experience in fine art, photojournalism and graphic design, I capture the gritty soul of the cityscape.”

If you like Deanna Fainelli’s art, let her know by leaving a comment on her UGallery profile page. I’m sure shey’d love to hear from you.