New Artist Spotlight: David Barash

Here at UGallery we are continuously adding new artists to our site, all of them unique in their aesthetic.

One of our new artists, David Barash, incorporates mixed media, acrylics and ink into his work to create one-of-a-kind art with a graffiti vibe. 



David at work on “Pop Fiction” (now on 

We took a few moments with the New York artist to ask him about his work, his inspiration, and how music and pop culture have influenced his career in art. 

UGallery: What is your earliest art memory?

David: My earliest art memory was when I lived in Brooklyn. I was about four years old and I remember the beautiful graffiti murals around where we lived in Sheepshead Bay. It took many years later to realize my love of graffiti and street art, which has always had a major influence on my work.

UGallery: What is your favorite piece on your UGallery portfolio?

David: Damn, thats like asking a parent who their favorite child is! All of them are my favorite, I couldn’t just choose one. Each piece has elements that I love.  


David while channeling his childhood 

UGallery: What/where would you say is your greatest source of inspiration?

David: I can’t really narrow down one exact main source. Im like an inspiration hoarder or pack rat, I get inspiration from everything. I incorporate a lot of elements from my childhood, for example my love of cartoons and Disney movies. A lot of pop culture from the internet, I am constantly surfing the web and checking out other cultures.  



David with his completed work, created with chalk

UGallery: What is the best piece of advice that has been given to you in terms of creating art?

David: The best art advice I ever got was from my mentor and good friend, artist Carter Kustera. I met Carter a few years ago when I interned/worked for him during college. I’ll never forget the first day I went to work for him. He said to me “So, you wanna be an artist.. ay?” I replied, “YES, I DO” To which he followed with “I’ll give you the best piece of advice ever…. DON’T BE." When someone tells me I can’t do something, it just ignites this flame and I have to prove them wrong. So Carter telling me not to be an artist just made me want to be an artist even more!    


"Bite the Bullet” by David Barash 

UGallery: What is your most important artist tool? Something you couldn’t live without in your studio?

David: One thing I absolutely cannot live without in my studio is my boom box. I thrive on music when I am creating. I’m usually blasting either 90s alt rock/heavy metal or 90s hip-hop. I listen to a lot of Biggie, Nas, and Wu-Tang. It really came full circle with me when I got a do a piece for hip-hop legend, Method Man. One of the high points of my career. I kicked it with him for a good hour talking hip-hop and other things. I have the pictures to prove it! (See below!)


Rapper and Musician ‘Method Man’ with his commissioned artwork

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Welcome, David!