New Artist Spotlight: Celeste DeCoudres, Daniel Fenelon, Chin H Shin, Zoe Avery

Original art only gets more interesting when you know more about the artist. 

This week, we welcomed four new artists. Find out what makes them unique:

Celeste DeCoudres 


Seattle Market, 2012

California-based artist Celeste DeCoudres started creating from a young age, even sewing her own clothes. The soft texture and vibrant colors of her works hint at her range of styles, from representational to Impressionist. 

“My subjects include landscapes, city life, still life, and some figure. I’m inspired by any place I’d love to linger, or the things I enjoy around me. My subjects are authentic to my experience. My work reflects having lived in Spain, Switzerland, Peru, and Mexico, as well as the many other countries and states where I have traveled.”

Daniel Fenelon


Play Ball, 2011

Traces of pop and street art can be found in the work of New Jersey-based Daniel Fenelon. His mixed media art feels whimsical and humorous; some characters are inspired by Disney figures but with their own twist. 

My objective is to create art that has inner dimensionality and is in rhythm with the primal vibration. It is also a reflection of modern culture fused with ancient civilization. A kind of ambiguous hieroglyphics for the twenty first century.”

Chin H Shin


Saturday Evening, 2013

Everything from landscapes to seascapes to portraits make up the work of New York-based Chin H Shin. He describes his paintings as “based on extreme optimism and humanism.” Shin boasts 15 years as a professional oil painter. 

Zoe Avery


Aspens Reaching, 2012

Zoe Avery’s photography might make you feel as if you’ve been transported somewhere else. Whether a shot of a hot air balloon in flight or a gorgeous sky, Avery captures the outdoors beautifully. If the Nevada-based artist could get her dream vacation, she would go on a safari.