New Artist Spotlight: Brandon L Pham and Don Weaver

Every week, UGallery releases new art and welcomes new artists to the community. We love seeing what each new week will bring. Say “Hello” to Brandon L Pham and Don Weaver. These are UGallery’s newest artists! Read on below to learn a little bit more about their work.

Brandon L Pham. Santa Clara, California.

Brandon L Pham spent his childhood in Vietnam, where he learned to paint on the streets of Saigon. Since moving to America,  Brandon L Pham expanded his horizons both figuratively and literally studying art at San Jose State University. Now, Brandon uses the training he received in his hometown and abroad to depict the charms of his motherland.

Don Weaver. Wernersville, Pennsylvania.


“Surreal,” “irony,” and “obsolete aircraft” are a few of the words that Don Weaver uses when discussing his art. He describes his work so accurately, it’s no surprise his canvases are executed with equally precise skill. Don paints landscapes that are at once personal and archetypal with juxtapositions of thought-provoking symbols and allegories.

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