New Artist Spotlight: Alex Andreev, Elizabeth Noble, Glenn Quist, and Danielle Tibedo

Alex Andreev. St. Petersburg, Russia.

Alex Andreev embarks on a “journey of the intuition” as he delves into childhood memories and dreams to create his art. Alex is attracted to digital art for its freedom and ease of use. He overcomes the hurdles of traditional mediums by digitalizing images and layering one symbol on top of another.

Elizabeth Noble. Phoenix, Arizona.

Elizabeth Noble’s background in architecture fuels a more fluid and loose painting style. With a Bachelor of Architecture from Arizona State University under her belt, Elizabeth delves into representational impressionism as a detour from the rigidity of building fundamentals. Still, her art offers structure that is playful enough to echo the works of Sorolla, Vasquez, Turner and Van Gogh.

Glenn Quist. Elk River, Minnesota.

Evening Wine Tasting

Glenn Quist is like Edward Hopper in his choice of subject matter and in Modigliani style. Glenn derives images from memory and imagination and imbues them with highly stylized colors and shapes. Rather than tell a story directly, Glenn invites his view to derive their own meaning from his work. His paintings are mystical portraits of the subconscious and are “somewhere between dreams and reality.”

Danielle Tibedo. Yucca Valley, California.

Sunshine in the City

Living in Joshua Tree, California has its perks. For Danielle Tibedo, living in the desert offers her endless inspiration. Her passion for nature and love of pure expression are the pillars of her work. With wild abandon and a unabashed style, she turns painting into a spiritual quest to discover beauty.