New Artist Round Up, Part 2

Roberta Pinna in her studio.

Roberta Pinna in her studio.

New Artist Round-Ups. From tantalizing visual appetizers to stylized diver portraits, and everything in between, see the new styles from 11 of our newest artists.

Introducing: Lucia Bergamini

Venere (28" x 40") by Lucia Bergamini, oil painting

Venere (28" x 40") by Lucia Bergamini, oil painting

Italian artist Lucia Bergamini’s food paintings are a visual appetizer. Painted in a hyper-realistic style, each subject – shiny cherries, verisimilar splashes, pasta coils, among others – is a trope l’oeil that tantalizes every sense.

Introducing: Julia Sutliff

Stream Colors (11" x 11") by Julia Sutliff, oil painting

Stream Colors (11" x 11") by Julia Sutliff, oil painting

Maryland-based oil painter Julia Sutliff paints scenes from nature with a glimmering impressionism. Her paintings, rendered in delicate brushstrokes, have an airy and ethereal quality that emphasizes the sense of changing light without dissolving its overall reference. She finds her inspiration working en plein air on the trails and in the parks that surround her home.

Introducing: Ramona Russu

Channeling her background in fashion, France-based artist Ramona Russu creates moody and mysterious paintings with a controlled color palette of light blue, gold, black, and white. Her paintings capture the drama and dark glamor of fashion with themes that include: patterns of clouds, effacement, and gilded textures.  

Introducing: Jose H. Alvarenga

Tea Time (12" x 16") by Jose H. Alvarenga, oil painting

Tea Time (12" x 16") by Jose H. Alvarenga, oil painting

Los Angeles painter, Jose H. Alvarenga tells stories through objects. His portfolio consists of ironic and idiosyncratic display of ordinary objects in austere settings softened by the haze cast over his realist style. Whether through a confused fruit fly, a bottled ship, or a tautologous 50 pounds, each painting is a well-humored call and response between object and reality.

Introducing: Gary Jenkins

American expat in Japan, Gary Jenkins is an abstract painter whose brightly colored acrylic paintings lay out trails for the eye through gliding compositions. The shapes layered across his canvases are neither fully organic nor fully geometric, creating a range of experience as the viewer contemplates the painting.  

Introducing: Rachel Birns

California-based artist Rachel Birns, approaches the still-life genre with impressionism and expressionism. While her style is willfully out-of-focus, her titles are unambiguously matter-of-fact; this clever contradiction showcases Rachel’s ability to hone in on the essence and experience of her subject matter.

Introducing: Sarah Pollock

Sarah Pollock of Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, can capture the electricity of nightlife, the placidity of the forest, and the bustle of city life all with her pastel drawings. She joins our gallery with a strong creative background that ranges from film production to Disney animations.

Introducing: Kimberly Santini

The whimsical colors, wide-eyed creatures, and floral crowns in Kimberly Santini’s paintings convey a joyful magic that is grounded through its softened color choices. Kimberly paints from her studio space in her 1920s cottage home in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Introducing: Roberta Pinna

Italy-based artist Roberta Pinna’s paintings of stylized divers have both the sweetness of joie de vivre and a bitter-sweetness of nostalgia. Counterbalancing the vintage and mannered figures that Art Nouveau posters, the chromic and minimalist backgrounds give Roberta’s paintings their edge.

Introducing: Laura Robinson

Colorful, globally-flavored, and modernist, Laura Robinson’s acrylic paintings are a blend of the global rhythms that reverberate from South America, the Caribbean, and Miami, Florida. The brighter hues burst off an already flattened picture plane assembling into a vibrant memorabilia of Laura’s travels.

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