New Artist Round Up, Part 1

New artist Richard Prather painting outdoors.

New artist Richard Prather painting outdoors.

Open Studios is pleased to present UGallery’s newest artists in this special two-part series of New Artist Round-Ups. From en plein air painting to watercolor pet portraits, and everything in between, see the new styles from 10 of our newest artists.

Introducing: Liz Bronzell

Liz Brozell is an oil painter based in San Francisco. Her paintings convey her own emotional experiences through depictions of the human form and its interactions with the world. Her usual color palette is both soothing and striking. She finds a delicate balance between the muted color palettes and the strike of red and blue.

Introducing: Nick Savides

Nick Savides, an oil painter based in Brooklyn, takes the beauty of New York City’s landmark architecture and instills it with an imaginative serenity. Though Nick aligns with a realist and representational style, he often incorporates a layer of fiction in ways such as removing the people in famously crowded areas.

Introducing: Hano Dercksen

Old Ladies Chatting, Gouda (11" x 16") by Hano Dercksen, mixed media artwork

Old Ladies Chatting, Gouda (11" x 16") by Hano Dercksen, mixed media artwork

Salvador, Brazil based artist, Hano Dercksen creates mixed media artwork that blends the ultra-stylized style of graphical art with the painterly freedom of modern impressionism. Capturing everyday scenes from the Netherlands and Brazil, his portfolio resounds with cross-cultural currents.

Introducing: Peggy Trigg

With New Mexico and ranch life roots, landscape painter Peggy Trigg has a portfolio filled broad brushstrokes, a baked-earth color palette, and impressionistic Southwest that mesh into a breathtaking whole. Peggy shows the plant life of the desert as a vibrant juxtaposition of rich colors arranged in dynamic strokes.

Introducing: Charles Kacin

Santa Fe-based artist Charles Kacin creates abstract mixed media artwork inspired by surfaces weathered by natural forces. Rather than fill the entire canvas with expressive riffs, Charles choses to fill only specific areas with a smoldering, low-boil darkness made from layers of paint, charcoal, and graphite. Counterbalancing these murkier regions, Charles leaves the rest of the canvas open with lighter, even at times pastel, colors.

Introducing: Karina Antonczak

Layer City 46 (27" x 39") by Karina Antonczak, oil painting

Layer City 46 (27" x 39") by Karina Antonczak, oil painting

Karina Antonczak from Warszawa, Poland paints in her own abstracted style of landscape and cityscape. Through geometric forms deliberately layered and aligned, she creates serene and simplified compositions. Channeling the simplicity of minimalism and textures of abstract expressionism, she forges her own style in the -scape genres.

Introducing: Jessica Lindell

Jessica Lindell, from Ramsey, Minnesota, paints energetic, watercolor paintings of lovable animals with a refined realism. Her backgrounds are happy, translucent harmonies that give the paintings a baseline exuberance only increased by the animals in the foreground.

Introducing: Alan Richards

Alan Richards is a digital printmaker from Roslyn, New York, whose quirky and surreal digital prints jostle conventional logic. Filled with optical illusions, a variety of source materials, unlikely details, and conspicuous colors – and often enhanced by the perplexing accompaniment of attention-directing titles – Alan’s prints continually challenge conceptions of reality.

Introducing: Richard Prather

Richard Prather takes an idyllic, wide, and Romantic approach to landscape. He extends his background in biology and environmental protection into his artwork through well-articulated details and a revering blend of sublime and beautiful. Richard paints en plain air in New Mexico.

Introducing: John Eastman

Simple, strong, and understated, John Eastman’s minimalist artwork takes a single idea and conveys it in geometric statements. He is inspired by creativity that spans all mediums including painting, music, and technology. Using the exacting and economical style of minimalism, he combines these influences to create his own abstract style.

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