Naughty or Nice? UGallery's Gift Guide

It’s been a polarizing year. In 2012, we had to decide whether to vote red or blue. We’re still on the fence about the Mayan apocalypse (which is drawing nearer). And now we are faced with the hard decision of whether to buy the iPad or the iPad mini! It’s all so black and white.

To keep with the theme of opposing forces, UGallery’s holiday gift gift guide is split right down the middle. We have pulled together the perfect pieces for two different types of people: the naughty and the nice.

If you get a kick out of nudity, skulls, or have a hedonistic addiction, “naughty art” might be up your alley. This collection is filled with the darker things in life. Rated R art can add just the right amount of edge to your walls. Warning: “Naughty art” is addictive.


1. Cigarette by Talia Rainyk, photography, starting at $125 I 2. Painter’s Ashtray by Harris Johnson, acrylic painting. 12" X 9,“ $600 I 3. Nanook Crokus by Brandy Saturley, acrylic painting, 16” X 16,“ $400 I 4. Uncommon Beauty 3 by Brent Walker, photography, starting at $125 I 5. Eating Ice Cream by Jonelle Summerfield, oil painting, 16” X 12,“ $650

If you like sugarplums, fairies, rainbows and unicorns, you probably fall under the nice category. The art in this collection makes us "AWW” as if we saw a puppy dog sneeze. Although fluffy in nature, “nice art” has the ability to bring comfort and happiness into the darkest corners of your home. Don’t let the softness fool you, “nice art” is a guaranteed win under the Christmas tree.


1. Sock Monkey by Nicole Smith, oil painting, 14" X 14,“ $700 I 2. Pensive Woman by Colette Wirz Nauke, acrylic painting, 12” X 12,“ $400 I 3. To Dance by Anna K Williams, photography, starting at $100 I 4. Simplicity by Judy Mackey, oil painting 10” X 10,“ $300 I 5. Yellow Birds by Mary Pratt, oil painting, 8” X 24,“ $350

Which type of art do you prefer? Are you a sinister sucker or a jolly junkie? Leave us a comment and let us know which side you fall under.