My Chic Nest + UGallery: 5 Gems from The My Chic Nest Collection

Step into the Light (36″ x 24″) by Seth Couture, acrylic painting

We are very excited to introduce “The My Chic Nest Collection” created by our special guest curator Anna Kesten, co-founder of My Chic Nest, the east coast based ecommerce furniture company. 

Since its founding in 2012, the company has been on a mission to offer personal, stylish furniture to customers with a wide range of budgets. As an intern in the interior design world, she noticed how expensive and inaccessible furniture can be. So, she was inspired to make a change with her own line of furniture. 

To Anna, the design elements of any room should have their own unique personality and style.  

With My Chic Nest’s many options for furniture – over 60 unique designs that can be upholstered in over 75 fabric options – Anna emphasizes her value of personal expression. Each client can cultivate a personal style when designing his or her space.

With a recent move Westchester, New York, Anna has had the opportunity to express her own style as she designs her new home with furniture from My Chic Nest and art from UGallery.

“[Art] can complete a room and is such a perfect way to showcase one’s personal style,” says Anna.

Anna’s “new favorite piece of art,” hanging above her sofa, is a photograph she purchased on UGallery, called Still Waters by Miles Hannaford.


Still Waters hanging in Anna’s living room

“The oversized scale of this piece anchors the room. There is something so mesmerizing about this image, that once I saw it I couldn’t look away. I love art that is thought provoking, which this piece is for me,” she says.

Anna sees furniture as “the bones of a good design” and art as “the jewelry of the home.”  

Here are 5 of the gems that Anna has hand-picked for the My Chic Nest Collection:   

1. Traces Study (12” x 12”) by Phillippe Jestin, mixed media artwork


The My Chic Nest collection comprises both abstract and representational paintings and photography that reflect Anna’s own chic style.

See all of Anna Kesten’s picks in The My Chic Nest collection on UGallery!