Meet Our Newest Artists

New UGallery artist Miranda Gamel working in her studio

New UGallery artist Miranda Gamel working in her studio

From an eco-conscious mixed-media artist to a Baroque-influenced oil painter, meet the newest artists joining UGallery this month.

Introducing: Linda Klein

Linda Klein is an environmentally conscious artist from San Anselmo, California whose passion for recycling lends itself to her mixed-media artwork. Linda collects bits of material and litter found on the side of California’s scenic and refashions them into artwork. Her portfolio of misty-toned, birchen landscape collages envelop the viewer with a resuscitated beauty of these symbolic materials.

Introducing: Katherine Taylor 

Katherine Taylor is an oil painter is from Bend, Oregon whose vibrant paintings of still life, animals, and figures are cast in a blend of classical naturalism and Baroque realism. Using an old master’s chiaroscuro, Katherine heightens the drama of her compositions with tonal shifts of darkening shadows and brightening light. Throughout her portfolio, the depth of meaning – evident through dreamlike backgrounds, metaphorical subject matter, and enigmatic titles – is unwavering.

Introducing: Shaina Craft

Shaina Craft, from Philadelphia, works in a variety of mediums that include oil painting, watercolor, and encaustic. She creates depictions of female figures in a soft color palette and melting impressionism that gesture to a deeper emotional weight. The glaring, grimacing, and fetal positioned figures hint at a more serious reality that lies behind the softened tones.

Introducing: Miranda Gamel 

Miranda Gamel is an Arizona-based oil painter who creates colorful, imaginative portraits that are complex and multi-layered, both compositionally and iconographically. She gestures to the intricacies of the human soul and the dynamism of the human mind in her combinations of fantasy and nature.

Introducing: Sidnea D’Amico

Sidea D’Amico reflects the subtleties of life in San Francisco through playful still lifes. She emphasizes the basic elements painting – line, shape, and color – with a brightness and warmth that recall expressions of childhood exuberance. The spontaneous lines that break up the negative space articulate Sidnea’s underlying preoccupations with art’s place in an urban environment, where, in yielding to a more overt interpretation, gesture to graffiti.

Introducing: Hadley Northrop

Whether in the stark light of the moon, the glowing light of windows, or the red light of night clubs, oil painter Hadley Northrop paints San Francisco nightlife (and, night light). Hadley has a masterly ability to portray light as it diffuses from its source. In these brilliant moments throughout her oil paintings, Hadley creates an after-hours atmosphere while suggesting the passage of time.

Introducing: Ronald Story

Ronald Story is a contemporary landscape painter from Apharetta, Georgia who stretches his elected genre with textural brushstrokes and bold color choices. Though he adheres to the compositional traditions of landscape painting (i.e. foreground, middle ground, background), he delights in the freedom of color palette that opens unlimited potential.   

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