Meet Our Newest Artists

From a husband and wife duo to a former botanical illustrator, meet the 7 new artists joining UGallery this month.

1. Introducing: Diane Hoeptner

Cleveland-based oil painter Diane Hoeptner paints cats and flowers that both ethereal and surreal. The dreamlike colors are the underpinnings of the playful imagination that is sewn into in each scene. Diane also frequently uses a theme of wings (e.g. butterflies, winged cats, and birds) that adds an angelic lightness to those particular compositions.

2. Introducing: Nicole Ryan

Nicole Ryan, an oil painter from Mercer, Pennsylvania, takes an imaginative approach to landscape painting. Her inspiration for the hazy, graceful landscapes comes from her own imagination. To Nicole, these compositions resemble emotions more closely than geographical locations. Throughout her portfolio, she explores varying levels of abstraction and minimalism while keeping her subject matter constant.

3. Introducing: Ann McMillan

Ann McMillan, a painter from Mountain View, California, paints fruits and vegetable still life. Her background in scientific and botanical illustration shines through in her subject matter. Working in oil paint, she creates a style that flickers into impressionism with its jaunty brushstrokes.

4. Introducing: Susan Washington

Susan Washington – a mixed media artist from Pennsylvania – creates compositions of comingled geometry. She works in a modernist abstraction that reawakens the multiple perspectives associated with cubism. Her portfolio unifies around a meditative and thoughtful quality and a subdued color palette.

5. Introducing: Seung Yim

Seung Yim is a Georgia-based oil painter whose dramatic, high-contrast paintings plumb into the darkest reaches of human emotions in a realist, figurative style. Seung engages themes of depression, detachment, and despair through dramatic shadows and vantage points.

6. Introducing: John & Elli Milan

Husband and wife duo John and Elli Milan combine their individual and remarkably differing art styles to create stylistically rich compositions. This synthesized style – Elli’s abstract expressionism and John’s figurative details – is the materialization of collaboration, partnership, and a unified vision.

Before and After II (20" x 24") by John & Elli Milan, oil painting

Before and After II (20" x 24") by John & Elli Milan, oil painting

7. Introducing: Rachel Dowd

Rachel Dowd is a San Diego, California-based artist who paints natural scenes such flowers, seascapes, and lily pads in a fluid impressionism. To create her illuminating style, she balances bright colors with neutral undertones, casting her impressionism with a romantic softness.