March's New Artist Round Up

New UGallery artist Tobias Tovera using fire to create his artwork in his studio.

New UGallery artist Tobias Tovera using fire to create his artwork in his studio.

We are pleased to welcome a talented roster of new artists to UGallery this March. These artists work in a range of styles and mediums and join us from around the globe. We are excited to introduced the following artists:


Wing II  (20"x 16") by Kathryn Korb, mixed media artwork

Wing II (20"x 16") by Kathryn Korb, mixed media artwork

Kathryn's abstract works on paper are composed as a result of meditative reflection. “The movement of brushstrokes and lines represent thoughts and emotions that I've had in moments of solitude,” she says. The work is not only representative of the artist’s self-reflection, but also inspires calm contemplation in the viewer as well. The paintings are simultaneously minimal and bold, with balanced compositions and linework. Kathryn works from a studio in her home, allowing her art to exist fluidly within her family life.


Glayol has always been creative-minded, but she became particularly interested in painting after a trip to the Louvre in 2000. She began studying in New York, and then in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has studied alongside Milt Kobayashi and strives to portray strong emotions in her female subjects. “My art expresses pure human love, euphoria, melancholy, nostalgia, and other extreme emotions,” says Glayol. “The result is a true depiction of childlike innocence and distinct individual souls through strong visual elements that connect with the viewer’s inner self.”


From Emily’s skillful method of capturing light, the viewer would never guess she’s only been a photographer for a few years. Her interest in photography came about when she was pregnant with her first daughter. She taught herself how to use the family DSLR and gained new respect for the way light and energy affect the human eye. “When I landed my first photography job with The Nature Conservancy a few years later, the intrinsic award was just such an incredible feeling,” says Emily. She now spends much of her time photographing outdoors and experimenting with her multiple lenses, striving to document natural illumination.


Stephanie Amato is a New Yorker who now resides in Atlanta. She creates her impressionist paintings either on location or in her home studio, which she designed and built to have 15-foot cathedral windows. “Whether painting in my studio or outdoor on location, the first thing I consider is the composition and design of the piece... I use a handheld viewfinder to decide the composition and the size and shape of the canvas,” Stephanie says. “I will then roughly sketch in the scene and start to apply the darkest and lightest values to the piece.” She prefers to work from life, so many of her larger pieces are created from plein air or alla prima studies.


Ah Chihuahua  (24" x 18") by Carolyn Pennor, acrylic painting

Ah Chihuahua (24" x 18") by Carolyn Pennor, acrylic painting

Carolyn’s subjects are inspired by everyday working people. Her aesthetic straddles the line between modern and folk, utilizing warm tones and simplified forms. The subjects in Carolyn’s paintings each tell a story. “When painting my characters I feel as though I have known them,” she says. After years of working in a banking environment, Carolyn is pleased to have transitioned to a more creative lifestyle. She now shares a studio with her husband, a fellow UGallery artist, and enjoys exercising her imagination and creativity.


Tobias is motivated and inspired by the landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area. “I love the richness and diversity of our culture here and I am drawn to the landscape in Northern California,” says Tobias. “We have access to natural hot springs, beautiful mountains and estuaries to name just a few.” His series “Uncharted Terrain” is created through experimentation with map-imaging, printing, and mark-making using salt, mineral, water, and fire. The compositions are derived from concepts of geological formation and topography found in Google Earth satellite images.

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