Inside the Studios of our Newest Artists

Pedro Mongrut and his kiln.

Pedro Mongrut and his kiln.

We are going studio hopping to meet UGallery’s the newest artists. From painterly scenes that require 40 brushes to ceramics inspired by Pre-Columbian Peruvian sculpture, join Open Studios on our journey!

Mariya Milovidova from San Jose, California

Mariya Milovidova creates watercolor work that views the outside world through the prism of her inner thoughts and feelings. Using undulating lines and discursively fluid subject matter, her compositional elements flow into each other. Mariya is originally from Odessa, Ukraine, and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Odessa Tree (30x22) by Mariya Mildovidova, watercolor 

Odessa Tree (30x22) by Mariya Mildovidova, watercolor 

Melinda Patrick from Magnolia, Texas

Melinda's Studio

Melinda's Studio

Inspired by the people and places around Texas (and beyond), Melinda Patrick presents uncommon view of common occurrences. Her contemporary realist compositions are crisp, recognizable, yet compel the viewer to see beauty in unconventional places. From the multi-dimensional signage in shopkeeper’s canopy, to the yellow-belly flare of a patio umbrella, Melinda summons the world’s unsuspected beauty.

Empire Cafe  (30x24) by Melinda Patrick, acrylic painting

Empire Cafe (30x24) by Melinda Patrick, acrylic painting

Pedro Mongrut from California

Ceramic sculptor, Pedro Mongrut creates figurative clay, inspired by Pre-Columbian ceramic from Peru. His surfaces are often textured with perforations and other patterns. His figures are often somewhat distorted with exaggerated physiognomies and features such as hands, and yet their figurative quality remains intact.

Model4  (18x15) by Pedro Mongrut, ceramic artwork

Model4 (18x15) by Pedro Mongrut, ceramic artwork

Wren Meyers from Hudson Valley, New York

Wren Meyers paints in a controlled color palette, localized to earthy pink, brown, blue and gray tones. He highlights the natural beauty of the human form through its fundamental relationship to shapes found in nature. His nudes offer a study the curvature of the human body and the ways that the body creates positive and negative space.

Back Study  (8x10)   by Wren Meyers, acrylic painting

Back Study (8x10) by Wren Meyers, acrylic painting

Patricia Fabian from Gainesville Georgia

Working in both oil or acrylic paint, Patricia Fabian creates soft, painterly scenes that give a hazy sense of place. From Wordsworth-inspired florals, to a day at the beach, to a romantic rainstorm, her paintings have a dreaminess to them. Despite the loose painterliness, her process is highly methodical and precise; she carefully plans each layer and meticulously selects her materials and her tools (a single painting employs a mean of about 40 brushes).

Mediterranean Mosaic  (36x36) by Patricia Fabian, oil painting

Mediterranean Mosaic (36x36) by Patricia Fabian, oil painting