ICYMI: We're in the News!


Carey Parks-Schwartz, Reading the Paper

It’s been a great couple of weeks for us! 

Last week, Forbes mentioned us in an article called “Can’t Afford a Warhol? How to Ditch Your Dorm Room Posters Without Breaking the Bank.” Here’s an excerpt:

Alex Farkas and Stephen Tanenbaum founded digital art store UGallery eight years ago. They were young business school students at the time and saw the site as a way to help recent art school graduates find buyers. Today the site still aims to expose emerging artists to the masses but also to help new buyers navigate the art buying terrain. “If you were interested in buying your first artwork there was a big learning curve to see what was out there,” say the gallerists of the pre-online gallery days. The time it took to figure out which galleries sold work you like — and could afford — plus the time to visit all of them was a barrier to many would be buyers. Today, in a few hours on the web you can see what would have taken weeks to uncover before.

Charlotte, our Director of Marketing, also wrote a great article for Entrepeneur called “The Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Myths.” You can check out her post here

And we’re super happy about this shout-out from POPSUGAR in an article called “The 10 Best Online Sources For Affordable Art.” The website especially loved this piece by Alex Kain. 

And if you love interior design, pick up the June issue of House Beautiful to see Anne Maxwell Foster, one half of the duo Tilton Fenwick, sharing her bedroom. You can spot a piece by UGallery artist Autumn Rose in the background!