How to travel, artfully

If there is one thing UGallery knows how to do best, it’s vacation. Before summer comes to an end, we caught up with some UGallery artists to find out the places that have inspired them this summer.

Oh la la. C'est Kimia Kline

Kimia Kline had an awesome trip to Paris. Check out her blog post to learn more about what she saw (and ate)! She even created a few paintings to remember the experience.

Boxing in Africa?

Kevin Brewerton snapped this photograph while he was in Asmara, Eritrea. He swam in the red sea and was told it was close to where Moses parted the waves. On a less biblical note, Kevin’s photography is as awesome as his painting.

Royally Asian

Royal Jarmon was in Malaysia and Thailand for an artistic reawakening. I think he got it. He created movement:know, one of my favorites, while there.

Keeping it Continental

Whitney Babin is planning a trip to Philadelphia to gain inspiration from the city. She just has to finish renovating her house first!

Dyeing to Travel

Lynn Pollard spent time in a chateau in France learning to dye. She said, “I think that the pictures are enough to show what an incredible day it was. I hope to add this dye to my paper pieces for a little different look.”